Lee Carlson Center provides exceptional and affordable mental health services for families, children, youth, and adults in our community.



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Karen Anderson, LICSW, MScSA  Therapist II

Clinical Director

Karen has over 25 years of experience working with clients of all ages.

She joined Lee Carlson Center in 2015. She oversees clinical staff at all of our locations.

In our Domestic Abuse Program, Karen provides clinical and administrative supervision and co-facilitates the Men's Groups.


Susan Fullerton, RPT-S & LPCC, MS 

Director of Operations

Susan believes in the unique needs and assets of the individual.  She utilizes an Adlerian approach which values the assets of the individual and their social connections.

Areas of specialization include:  family therapy, crisis intervention, group therapy, and assessment.  Susan has worked with children, teens, seniors, and Veterans.  Current interests include anxiety disorders, depression, adjustment issues, and self-esteem.



Kari Griffin,   LICSW, MSW Therapist II

Supervising Therapist

Kari provides psychotherapy to children, adolescents and their families within our School LInked Mental Health Program.

She specializes in solution focused, strengths based and relationship based therpay with children, adolescents, and their fajmilies.  She works with youth experiencing social and emotinal regulation issues, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Anxiety, trauma, attachment issues as well as working with family system issues.  Other areas of specialization include mind/body connection, holistic health, nutrition and yoga.

Kari currently works with youth at Columbia Academy as part of our School-Linked Mental Health Program.



Julie Smith, LPCC, MA  Therapist II

Bridgeview Supervisor

Julie provides counseling and psychotherapy for individuals and groups.  She is a therapist and the On-Site Supervisor at Bridgeview, our adult drop-in center.  As a therapist at Lee Carlson Center, she works with adolescents, young adults, and adults.  Julie facilitates multiple therapy groups at Bridgeview including men's and women's anger management and symptom management.  Julie is also DBT-trained.

Areas of specialization:
Serious and persistent mental illness, self-esteem, anger management, depression, anxiety, and cognitive-behavior therapy.


Sheila Hoemberg, PMHNP-BC

Board Certified Advanced Practice Nurse

Sheila provides psychiatric assessment and medication management. Experienced in providing psychiatric services in community mental health outpatient, rapid access psychiatry, psychiatric inpatient, child/adolescent residential treatment, and chemical dependency treatment settings.  Her education includes degrees in Nursing from Minnesota State University Moorhead and The College of St. Scholastica. 

At Lee Carlson Center and Bridgeview, she works with current and new therapy clients.


Dr. Suzanne Aoun, MD 

Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Dr. Aoun's focus is on children and adolescents and she sees ages 5 and up.  She takes a collaborative approach to treatment, working with a multi-disciplinary team.

Originally from Lebanon, she enjoys spending her free time traveling with her husband and two young sons.



Nan MacDonald, LP, MS 

Nan specializes in psychological testing for children, adolescents, and adults.  Referral sources are therapists, psychiatrists, primary care physicians, county social workers, school personnel, parents, and self-referrals. Clarification of the diagnosis is critical for treatment planning and improving mental health and well-being.



Paul Hildebrandt, LP, PhD Therapist II

Paul joined Lee Carlson Center in 1986.

He has extensive experience working with children, adolescents and adults.  Paul is skilled in working with individuals with disabilities and those adjusting to traumatic events. 

Areas of specialization: 
Developmental and adjustment issues, family therapy, depression, anxiety disorders, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, and grief and loss.



Jason Cook, LPCC, MS  Therapist II

Jason provides counseling to children, teenagers, and adults.  He has extensive experience working with deaf individuals and a long historyof being part of the deaf community.

He has a particular interest in mind-body conneciton and the importance of both physical health and mental well-being.

Areas of specialization:  Anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, working with the Serious and Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI) population, as well as working with people who have drug and alcohol use addictions. 


Sandra Ziegler, LMFT, MA  Therapist II

Sandra provides counseling to couples, families, and individuals.  She believes in the systemic view of therapy where both society and family play an important part in shaping who we become as people. 

Areas of specialization: 
Sandy works with a variety of theoretical models including, Solution Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Experiential Therapy, and Play Therapy.  She believes that helping people understand the positive changes that can be made in their lives can give them hope for a better future.


Ashley Dammer, LICSW, MSW Therapist II

Ashley enjoys learning about the stories of children, adolescents and their families to support each person in the process of making sense of past events and preparing for future life experiences.  She has used a combination of therapeutic approaches to support youth diagnosed with depression, trauma, anxiety, emotion regulation issues, behavioral concerns, and developmental difficulties.

Ashley provides school-linked mental health services at Fridley Middle School.

Stefanie Wallace, MA, LMFT  Therapist II

Stephanie has experience working with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. 

Areas of specialization include depression, anxiety, adjustment and stress related concerns, self-esteem, dual diagnoses, serious and persistent mental illness (SPMI), as well as other various mental health concerns.

Stephanie uses a person centered approach with therapy, helping people to discover and enhance their inner strengths to help overcome the barriers/challenges they are facing in life. 

Stephanie provides counseling in clinic as well as at Centerville Elementary School as part of the School LInked Mental Health Program. 

Jennifer Chasco, LICSW, MSW Therapist II

Jennifer has experience working with children, families, and adults to build resilience through focusing on strenghts and addressing challenges. 

She has experience through individual and group work with people who have experienced depression, anxiety, ADHD, trauma, life stressors, and other mental health or developmental concerns. 

"I am excited about collaborating with parents and schools to bring therapy into the elementary school setting.

Jennifer provides services at Blue Heron Elemenatry and Centennial Elementary through the School Linked Mental Health Program.


Kristi Kontras, LPC, MA Therapist II

Kristi has a background providing group and individual therapy to children and adults with a variety of mental health difficulties including depression, anxiety, trauma, chemical dependency, social-emotional and behavioral difficuluties. 

She utilizes a person-centered approach focusing on client strengths and resiliency in working toward positive change and balanced living. 

Kristi provides therapy services at North Park Elementary and Fridley Middle School as part of our School-Linked Mental Health Program.


Amber Haley, LPCC, MA  Therapist II

Amber has 10 years of experience working with adolescents and their families on a broad spectrum of issues.  Her specialties include trauma, anxiety, anger management and self-harm.  She also has experience doing psychoeducation and support groups on issues related to grief, substance use recovery, self-regulation and healthy relationships.

Amber is passionate about providing trauma informed and culturally sensitive therapy to her clients.  She operates from a holistic approach and believes the most important part of therapy is the client-therapist relationship an dfinding tools best suited for the individual person and their presenting challenge.  . 


Laura Robinson-Hall, LICSW, MSW Therapist II

Laura has experience working with individuals and families from a variety of backgrounds.  She has specialized in working with children with special needs, individuals facing chronic medical and mental health issues and end of life care.

Laura is excited to be providing therapeutic services to children and families at Rice Lake and Centennial Elementary Schools through our School-Linked Mental Health Program. 



Carli Andersen, LICSW, MA   Therapist II

Carli provides individual services at the Fridley Clinic to children ages 3-17. Along with these services, she also provides CTSS (Community Therapeutic Support Services) to youth in Coon Rapids, Anoka, Fridley, Spring Lake Park and Columbia Heights.  She enjoys working with children of all ages, but specializes in children under the age of 10.  She has experience working with individuals, groups and families.

Carli's modalities are mainly play therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy with an Adlerian emphasis.  Carli is alo trained in Yoga Calm and Agression Replacement Training. She is also working on becoming a Registered Play Therapist with an anticipated completion date of 2018.

Kelsey Remple, LAMFT, MA  Therapist II


Kelsey utilizes compassion , curiosity and imagery in the therapy room to foster insight and healing.  She is passionate about working with individuals wh feel marginalized from normative culture.   

She applies a multidisciplinary perspective that utilzies Somatic Experience, Internal Family Systems, and Mindfulness techniques to address complex trauma, and PTSD.  She is experienced in working with trauma, PTSD, multiracial individuals/couples, and individuals experiencing ideology shifts.

Kesley currently works at Fridley High School as part of our School Linked Mental Health Program.


Amy Davis, MSW, LGSW &  Therapist II

Amy has experience working with adolescents and teens in school and community settings. 

She has background supporting youth with experiencing mood disorders, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, and emotional regulation and behavioral conerns. 

Amy provides school-linked mental health services at the Centennial Area Learning Center and the Pines School in the Centennial School District.

Alyssa Brekke, MA   Lead Therapist I

Alyssa specializes in working with teens who struggle with depression, adjustment, anxiety and trauma.

Alyssa currently works with youth at Columbia Heights High School as part of our School-Linked Mental Health Program.

Alyssa is also DBT-trained.

Christine Tamez, MA, LAMFT  Lead Therapist I

Christine began her career as an educator, teaching students of all ages in the public schools over the span of ten years.  After leaving her job as a teacher to raise her four young children full time, she returned to school to obtain her Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and now serves as a counselor at our Fridley Clinic and at our satellite location, Lee Carlson Center at North Metro Pediatrics.

Christine works with children and teens who are experiencing a vareity of life challenges including grief, depression, anxiety, ADHD ASD, bullying, trauma, social difficulties and much more.  Her goal is to create a safe space where children and teens can learn, grow, heal and create positive life changes. 

Kimberley Zack, MA  Lead Therapist I

Kimberley's specialties include working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, anxiety, behavioral concerns, trauma and emotional regulation concerns. 

She has experience leading parent groups - both supportive and psychoeducation based.  She has also done family therapy in the form of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy and home family therapy.

She provides services at Centennial, Rice Lake, and Golden Elementary schools in the Centennial School District as part of our School-Linked Mental Health Program.

Kiah Sorensen, LGSW, MSW  Therapist I

Kiah has varied experience working with children, adolescents and families in school settings on both an individual and group basis.  Kiah's specialties include working with children experiencing anxiety, adjustment, depression, trauma, or any other social/emotional difficulty they may be experiencing.

Kiah is part of our School-Linked Mental Health Program working with children at Golden Lake Elementary School.

Max Utterberg, LSC, MA Therapist I

With experience in school counseling and with developmental disabilities, Max hopes to create positive change on both an individual and a systemic level.  He takes an existential humanistic approach to counseling, and helps students find meaning in all events and aspects in their lives.

Max delivers clinical services to students at Garden City Elm Creek, and Palmer Lake Elementary Schools in the Osseo Public School District.

Nicole Rohrer, MA Therapist I

Nicole specializes in working with children, adolescents and their families - both in school in in home. 

Ncole's approach is child centered through the use of play therapy techniques. 

She is part of the School Linked Mental Health team offering services at Centennial Middle School.

Emily Bell, MA Therapist I

Emily enjoys working with diverse populations.  Her approach is Adlerian and person centered, engaging clients i  n the creative process to achieve therapeutic goals.

She has specific training serving adolescents and families to have experienced trauma or crisis and is part of our School Linked Mental Health Program, assigned to Centennial High School.

Megan Andersen, MA  Therapist I

Megan enjoys working with children, adolescents, and families from a variety of backgrounds.  She specializes in working with youth 5-18 who are dealing with crisis, depression, anxiety, cutting, and trauma.

Megan is excited and passionate about bringing therapeutic services to North Park Elementary as part of our School-Linked Mental Health Program.

Jesse Walker, LAMFT, MA   Therapist I

Jesse is part of our School-Linked Mental Health Program, working with youth at Centennial Middle School.

He has a broad background working with youth and with adults providing case management, CTSS services and crisis intervention.


Katie Gunderson, MA  Therapist I

Katie specializes in working with children and adolescents who have experienced difficult life circumstances and/or struggle with emotional and behavioral disorders.  She has experience working with individuals, groups, and families.


She has a particular fondness for group counseling and believes that group process and dynamics can be highly effective contributors to personal growth and change.



Mary Alton, MA  Therapist I

Mary works with teens and parents in the CTSS program at Centennial Schools.  For the past two years she worked as a CTSS and ARMHS Practitioner with children, their families and individuals using community resources and skills work to help those with serious and persistent mental health problems.

Her aim as a counselor is to treat each client with positive regard while helping them acquire the tools necessary to to live a full, adjusted life.



Ives Wittman, MA  Therapist I

Ives facilitates group and individual therapy sessions for men who attend the DAP program. He helps clients become experts in their own lives.

His philosophy stems from the belief that in relationship and community, we heal and mature.

Jeff Hoffman, MA  Therapist I

Jeff provides counseling and psychotherapy for individuals and groups. As a Therapist at Lee Carlson Center, he works with adolescents, yount adults, and adults. 

Areas of specialization:

Serious and persistent mental illness, MI/CD, depression, anxiety, cognitive-behavior therapy, group therapy and family support.


Shari Barmash, BA 
Peer Support Specialist

As a School Group Facilitator Shari provides a safe and caring environment for kids to learn and share.  Using a small group setting, she provides helpful tools and teaches skills that kids can apply in everyday situations.  She also provides resources for kids and families to bridge with the community. 

She works with youth in Highland, North Park, and Valley View Elementary schools, as well as Columbia Academy Middle School - all in the Columbia Heights School District.

Lindsey Moe, MS

Bridgeview Care Coordinator

Lindsey provides individual therapy and facilitates groups with the Bridgeview program.  She also meets with Bridgeview members to update information annually. 

Lindsey has experience working with adults with SPMI (Serious and Persistent Mental Illness) through Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services as well as experience working with adolescents with serious emotional and behavioral issues.  Lindsey is skilled in motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy.


Rachel Mendenhall, BA

CSP/Housing Specialist


Rachel will be assisting individuals with housing navigation and supports.  She will assess housing barriers of individuals experiencing homelessness to determine housing and service needs. 

She will provide information and referral assistance regaridng available support from social service agencies and/or community programs.



Laura Wallace

Bridgeview Certified Peer Support Specialist

As a longtime advocate for mental health, Laura brings an invaluable perspective to her new role at Bridgeview.

A Peer Support Specialist helps others learn about their strengths and challenges; supports the development of personal responsibility; self-efficacy; and self-advocacy skills; and accepts people where they they are at.  Laura will be working with Bridgeview members to promote symptom stability, wellness management; independent living skills; and will also assist in helping members develop a recovery plan.



Lisa Linz

Bridgeview Program Assistant

Lisa loves working at Bridgeview and truly believes that the shared experiences give members hope and acceptance in their own recovery and understanding of mental illness.  She does the intakes and conducts tours of the drop-in center.  She also leads Bridgeview members on offsite activities such as bowling, touring museums, etc.   And, she prepares all the snacks and lunches at the drop-in center.



Ken Mattson
Bridgeview Driver

Prior to joining Bridgeview, Ken drove semi-trucks and entered the Minnesota Truck Rodeo in 1978 and 1979 and placed second and third.  After that he became a driver trainer and safety supervisor for the company.  So driving has always been a passion.

“Driving for Bridgeview is very rewarding and challenging with time schedules and new areas to pick up Bridgeview members.  But, I love what I do!”


Lauren Belisle

Art Therapy Intern

Lauren is currently pursuing a masters in Psychology and Art Therapy, and has a passion for self-exploration through creative expression.  She works with individuals and groups at Bridgeview and Lee Carlson Center's School-Linked Mental Health Program, using Art Therapy. 

No matter what type of art is being used, this form of guided therapy can help find relief and reflection while exploring one's mental health.   

Lauren is also passionate about holistic health, yoga, and mindfulness meditation.

Deb Goggins

Art Therapy Intern

Deb provides art therapy to individuals and groups at Lee Carlson Center, Bridgeview and Columbia Heights Schools. 

Art therapy provides individuals opportunities to use the creative art making process for self-reflection and discovery of solutions for a productive and satisfying life.

Elliesha Klingberg

Art Therapy Intern

Alliesha is an Adler Graduate School Student on the LPCC track and is studying to become a licensed Art Therapist. 

With a background in Art Therapy she is able to utilize many artist therapeutic techniques to work with students.  Elliesha's theoretical orientation is Holistic and Adlerian Focused. 

With these ideals she values social connections, promotes greater acceptance of self, and views students as individuals.

Ryan Gorman, LSW

Clinical Intern

Ryan is part of the School-Linked Mental Health Program.

He is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in the Graduate Social Work Program from the University of St. Thomas. 

He has three years of experience working with children and adolescents and has expertise in working with depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Katelyn Santos, LSW

Clinical Intern

Katelyn is an MSW intern at Golden Lake Elementary in the Centennial School District.  She is part of our School-Linked Mental Health Program.


Kellie Bernal

Clinical Intern

Kellie is a Masters of Social Work student at the University of MN, with a concentration in work with children and families.  She has 8 years of experience working with adults diagnosed with SPMI and one year of experience working with youth presenting with emotional and behavioral concerns in their academic enviornment.

Kellie is passionate about takinga strengths based and client centered approach to helping youth and families feel empowered to manage the complex challenges they face and to meet their personal, academic, familial, and community goals.

Kellie will be working with the School LInked Mental Health Program at Hayes and Stevenson Elementary Schools in Fridley.

Steve Dahl

MSW Organizational/Macro Practice Intern

Steve is a Master of Social Work student at Augsburg University focusing on multicultural organizational practice.  He has 22 years' experience in social services, primarly serving people with intellectual disabilities and serious behavioral health challenges. 

Through his experience Steve has learned the importance of cultivating person-centered, effective organizations to promote empowerment and mental health and well-being of both the people we serve and ourselves.

Bethany Grove

Clinical Intern


Hannah Aase

Clinical Intern

Hannah is working on her MA in Marriage and Family at Argosy University.

She is assigned to the School Linked Mental Health Program and has experience working with adults with serious and persistent mental illness.