Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Lee Carlson Center for Mental Health & Well-Being is committed to cultivating a diverse, equitable community where everybody belongs and thrives. We foster a talented, diverse workforce promoting mental wellness in our community while honoring the uniqueness and dignity of every individual.

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging includes four groups: our Foundation at the bottom, Internal and External groups on the left and right, and the Bridging category in the middle bringing all elements together.

  • The Foundation group drives our DEIB strategy, providing support to ensure DEIB initiatives are effectively implemented.
  • The Internal group focuses on our staff: recruiting and hiring through a DEIB lens, integrating DEIB into professional development, ensuring equitable job design, and making certain benefits are comprehensive and equitable.
  • The External group makes sure we are best serving our community by carefully choosing our partnerships and embedding DEIB into the services we provide all clients.
  • The final group at the center of the model is the Bridging group, which connects the other elements together. The Bridging group ensures that assessments guide DEIB decisions, focuses on clear communication to understand our DEIB goals, and seeks to educate.

Our values outline how we carry out our mission, support our vision, and drives how we intend to behave.

  • We celebrate all aspects of diversity and what makes each individual unique.
  • We cultivate a workplace where everybody feels safe and connected.
  • We require fair treatment, accessibility, and opportunities for all.
  • We integrate DEIB into our work every day.
  • We lead by example.
  • We commit to eliminate barriers to equity in the workplace.
  • We innovate by continually learning, adapting, and improving as we grow as an organization.