Nurturing Everyday Wellness (NEW)

Want to improve your staff’s mental health resiliency and strengthen their collaboration?

Lee Carlson Center has introduced a new service that we believe is right for the times and will be a great opportunity for schools and businesses called Nurturing Everyday Wellness (NEW).

The Lee Carlson Center for Mental Health & Well-Being believes that comprehensive services that anticipate and respond to mental health needs as they emerge are important for individuals and communities. We are beginning to offer preventative services that anticipate stressful situations and focus on nurturing general wellness for staff in your organization while also providing responsive opportunities for positivity, healing, and self-care. These practices can be engaged in both individual and group settings. Lee Carlson Center offers a range of services focused on caring for and encouraging the growth of your staff’s everyday wellness.

Why not try something NEW with your team today?

Katie Rudek, MS, LPCC
Director of School Based Programs
(763) 780-3036 #505


Want to download a PDF of the flyer? Click here!