A Day in the Life of an ARMHS Specialist

Meet Meghan Thoennes: Lead ARMHS Specialist at Lee Carlson Center

What does a typical day look like for you?

We travel from client to client; We teach them and coach them through utilizing basic living skills. We have consistent coordination and correspondence with other members of the clients treatment team. Plus, we do some documentation every now and then in the office.

What do you like best about working in the program?

My clients! Everyday looks different. We travel, so our environment changes literally by the hour(s), and we get to vibe with a lot of different personalities throughout our days.

How have you seen LCC make a difference in the lives of the clients?

It allows them to be more confident and comfortable with their ability to survive and thrive in the community. They are able to build stronger and healthier support systems. Sometimes it’s just as simple as them having somebody to provide them a safe space to be themselves, something for them to look forward to, and having a “visitor” that cares about them.

What attracted you to this work? What difference has it made in your life?

I started working in an adult mental health foster home the day I turned 18. The work really resonated with my heart and I knew I was never going to leave the mental health field. I haven’t! 15 years strong and a few college degrees later, I still have no plans to move on. Being able to go to bed at night, knowing you accomplished something good for the day almost makes it feel like it’s not even work; it’s a blessing. Clients teach us probably just as much as we teach them; they just don’t know it.

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